Park and Columbian has seven modest quarters over two floors, which are ideal for New Yorkers to experience upstate New York in the 1800's. The perfect place to be in a tight knit bubble with ample space for everyone to find their own little nook for peace and quiet, and feel safely removed from the outside world.

The seven rooms are spread over the second and third floors - a king, two queens, a bunk and a twin bedrooms on the second, and one queen and a two singles on the third. (The queen on the second is perfect for babies / toddlers as it is the darkest). Aesthetically the bedrooms are all wood paneled  with cleared closet and drawer space to make yourself at home. All rooms have screens for the summer months if you like sleeping with the windows open, listening to the birds and letting the breeze in. This house is furnished with all of our personal items so feel free to read our books or listen to our records (respectfully of course).

Please remember this house is a historical home, with original fixtures and fittings. We have done our best to keep perfectly restored but there may be the odd rattling doorknob or un-working light bulb from time to time, as certain parts are no longer in service.

Thank you for being respectful of this special home. We hope you enjoy your stay!