Park & Columbian


Hello there and welcome! Kindly remove your shoes and leave them on the porch! We have the house cleaned regularly and know that your bare feet will be happy in our home! We thank you for being a guest in our house, we’ve worked really hard to create a comfortable experience that harkens back to the time when the house was built back in 1894 and as such this house needs special attention and care!








There are raccoons, deer, foxes, coyote, wild turkeys, black bears and more. Not to fear, none of these animals will bother you, they are like cat burglars and like to grab stuff when you aren’t around!


Sometimes deer wander in and around the property and neighborhood, don't let that freak you out, :) There has also been the occasional bear sighting (although we’ve never seen one), it is for this reason we encourage you to not leave any food, scraps, rubbish or anything that might entice them toward the house. Put the lids back on the trash cans so that they aren’t attracted up towards the house.


TICKS: are a thing in Upstate NY, bring repellent and if you sit on grass for long periods of time do a body check every day. Here are some tips for staying safe:

We do compost eggshells, coffee grounds, fruit and veg parts but please be sure to not compost any animal products, cooked or raw. Typically we choose a big bowl to hold the compost until full and then it’s taken out to the back yard, left side of property beyond the bonfire area - you’ll see a wooden compost structure with there.


Be sure not to leave any food out inside or outside of the house, the animals will make a mess out of it within a

few hours.

A Historic Home in the Foothills of the Catskills, Upstate New York.









  • There are ashtrays on the back and front porch and the patio for your use. Feel free to smoke outside.
  • We are located in a small community and are on good terms with our neighbors and would love to keep it that way. So please be respectful of your noise levels. No playing loud music outdoors after 10:30.
  • Please inquire first before bringing pets. There is a $50 extra charge per pet.
  • We ask that you enjoy the sound system and Hi-Fi that also can amplify the porch, patio and bathroom. We do not allow for additional sound systems to be setup here with respect to our neighbors who are very close to the house.


  • Please inquire first before bringing pets. There is a $50 extra charge per pet.
  • We ask that you enjoy the sound system and Hi-Fi that also can amplify the porch, patio and bathroom. We do not allow for additional sound systems to be setup here with respect to our neighbors who are very close to the house.


Check-in is 3pm

Check-out is 11:30am

(unless other arrangements have been confirmed.)



Please check off this list:

  • We keep all windows and doors closed to keep bugs out, but on the main floor the door that leads to the screened in porch can remain open to keep the air flowing and keep things cool and refreshing. You might find on some days that are really hot you need to keep some windows open, please use the adjustable screens we have around the house in the rooms and by dining room table in the main/ fireplace room.


  • We are in the country, expect all kinds of insects: mosquitoes, spiders, flies and such outside but sometimes they do get into the house! There is bug-spray in the kitchen cabinet drawer to the left of the door to patio, by the recycling closet.




  • Leave all used sheets, towels and kitchen towels in the basket in the downstairs laundry.


  • Clear the fridge of any perishable items and take all trash out and leave it in the correct trash receptacle in the front driveway.


  • Make sure lights and electronics are turned off - projector, stereo, outdoor speakers.


  • Double check indoor and outdoor fires are fully put out.


NETWORK: Starbucks


Password: 173parkroad


Power ON and Set Receiver to INPUT: AUDIO: is the green miniplug cord that you can plug iphones / laptops into for music


∙ First turn on projector with white remote control

∙ Then switch input on black receiver to HDMI 2

∙ Use Roku controller to navigate to netflix, youtube, etc

∙ Volume is controlled by stereo system, not roku, etc


You are welcome to read any of the books or listen to the records, etc. Please respect the fact that these are my personal things and are there for your enjoyment, put them away when you are done with them.




In the unlikely event that the power go out, there are two breaker boxes. One in the laundry room on the wall by the hangers, the second in the basement at the foot of the stairs next to the hot water heater.




We recommend stopping for groceries on your way. Fairway in New Jersey off the 17 is the best option. Once you get up here, there is a Hannafords in Middletown just off the 17north also, with a liquor store right beside. And a Shoprite in Monticello with a liquor store in the strip mall also. Down the hill 15 mins in Wurtsboro there is a smaller scale supermarket called G-Mart. Up the hill 15 mins in Rock Hill there is the Trading Post.


Farmer’s Markets are in Rock Hill every Saturday 10am - 1 pm from June 3 - September 30th. Rain or Shine. Address: 223 Rock Hill Drive, Rock Hill 12775.


You can get amazing local cider here: Aaron Burr Cider, great local meats from the vendors at Majestic Farm, cheeses from M&S Farm, seasonal produce, honey, bakery goods and even a miniature pony ride.




It is safe to drink the water here. It comes from the water table below the earth, marked by the dog house structure that says “relax” on it in the back yard beyond the BBQ grill. Water is not infinite here and we ask that you check to make sure that no faucets are dripping, left running, etc.


Of course you are welcome to bring your own bottled water to drink- we even have a serving unit for large jugs of poland spring water / etc if you want to bring that if you have a larger group of people that want to drink bottled. It’s a proper office / water cooler appliance that will dispense both HOT and COLD water.


Our plumbing is sensitive, we have a septic tank! Please do not put anything down the toilet except small amounts of toilet paper and waste, it clogs up our septic system.


We are not allowing the use of the wood-burning stove in the family room at this time. If you use the bonfire are, please use it with caution and care as we are close to the neighbors. The woodpile with the tarp on it is reserved for the wood burning / clay earth oven and the indoor wood-burning stove. If you wish to use the earth oven, please use it with care and do not cover the front door with the pizza shovel.



If there are any spills, please clean it up. There are cleaning supplies in the closet to the right of the washing machine and dryer  and also under the kitchen sink. There is a stack of rags in the drawers of the credenza in the kitchen under the burning tree photo as well as paper towel rolls under the kitchen sink. There is laundry detergent, Oxy-Clean stain spray, and a stain stick in the laundry closet if there is a spill on fabric stuffs. Brooms, mops, vacuum, etc. are in the laundry closet next to the

laundry machine.


Plastic, glass, mixed paper and cardboard go into the recycling closet at the top of the stairs that lead from the kitchen to the patio. If that gets full, please take out to our garbage shed located by the hammock, on the street. If you put any overflow garbage or recycling, please make sure the doors are shut all the way so the animals will not get to it.


We fill large black contractor bags with kitchen garbage bags that are full, bathroom trash, etc. Please do your best to keep the cardboard, recycling and garbage organized in the garbage shed if you have a lot of waste, remembering to compost and recycle as much of your waste as possible.